New stationery!

Monday, August 16, 2010

This cute new stationery card matches Sydney's nursery bedding for little Brooklyn... Perfect thank-you notes for all her baby showers!

These two are fun cards I did for one of my best friends Joy!


Jess said...

I am a huge fan of your work!! I am now a follower :) Everything looks amazing!

~Bekah said...

OMG I JUST SAW Jennifer Francis' BABY SHOWER INVITATION AND THANK U CARDS AND I AM IN LOVE AND WANNA ORDER some thank you notes for my business!!
I'd like them themed around my blog/logo design (i did it myself; i'm a graphic artist too but i've swayed away from it & are more into sewing now :) )... :) you can email me at:
~God bless,

Julia (aka the Blogger) said...

Hi! I have been looking for someone to design my christmas cards this year and am having some trouble (all the folks i have used in the past are MIA)! Would that be something you could help with? I am hoping to pay you a set fee and print the myself, le me know if you would be interested! Thanks


Tammy's Funky Flowers said...

Hey I was wondering how much it would cost to design something for my flowers. I need cards to attach to them. I might even be interested in some business cards. I am having my blog redone and would like something to match it. I can send you a rough draft of the blog if you would like. My blog is and my email is Let me know what you need from me to get the ball rolling. Thanks so much. Tammy

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